At first glance, we may seem like your average, run of the mill, crafty sisters.  

Keep reading to find out why, when combined, our powers make us a super awesome duo.



Originally from Saskatchew​an, Leslie & Jill are crafting, creative sisters. Always have been, always will be.  Over the past several years, we've worked together building our sister business (pun intended), West Coast Leslie Designs.  After experiencing several markets, an idea started percolating.  There were a lot of things we loved about the markets; the people (we call them craftipreneurs), pipe and drape booths, having food trucks available.  But there was some stuff we felt could be improved upon.  


Being the go getters that we are, we decided to DIY our own market!  Thus SHIFT market was born!  We wanted to give vendors everything they desire; Clear communication, a fun atmosphere, helpful feedback, support, and workshops and tips to help them grown their business.  Because that's what we wanted!

At SHIFT we’re passionate about handmade.  We want to support our vendors and hear and value their feedback!

meet JILL

This is Jill, the Keepin' It Real Girl.  She's a former electrical engineer with a communications minor (whoa right?) who is a compulsive organizer, and spreadsheet maker.  Seriously, this kid loves being organized, but in the coolest and most efficient ways.  Her awesome ability to stay motivated, and motivate those around her, makes her invaluable (mostly to Leslie).  Jill's years working in the professional engineering field, as well as on several board of directors, has given her the chops to deal with prickly people while staying calm and confident.  She's magic like that!


Fave Colour: Green

Fave: Food:  Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza

Fave Quote:  Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.


This is Leslie, the Creative Mastermind.  Leslie's a professional dance teacher by day and the creative force behind both SHIFT and West Coast Leslie Designs.  Years of working in retail and merchandising have given her a sharp, creative eye with a passion for colour, shape, space and how all three work together.  She loves to design, and play with visual elements; designing brochures, business cards, crochet patterns-you name it she'll colour code it (you should see her daytimer). She also hapens to be Jill's older sister (Sshhhh don't tell). 


Fave Colour: Coral

Fave: Food:  Sushi

Fave Quote:  "My love for you is like this scar; ugly but permanent" Will & Grace

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