There are tonnes of great markets out there!  We've been to them as vendors and as shoppers.  We LOVE markets! That's why we got in the game.  We want to be different. We are different.  Two of our driving forces for SHIFTING the market expereince is communication & continual improvement.  We're focused on being organized, communicating clearly with our vendors, and wanting to improve EVERY YEAR.  And we're not just saying that, we're DOING it.  We take your feedback and we act on it!

shift your perception.....


Have you ever applied to a market, received your acceptance, paid your fees, only to twiddle your thumbs, waiting for further instruction, while you're worrying about all the unknowns? You have so many questions, but you haven't heard from the organizer and you don't want to bug them but.... you don't know where to park, you don't know if you need to bring food or if there's an ATM on site. Is there wifi or am I gonna rack up my data?  The organizers promised to send a floor plan a week before the event, and you're checking your email at midnight on Thursday to see if maybe they sent it.  We've all been there.  The stress. The anxiety.  And it's not good for anyone.  So let's not do it.  

bigger isn't always better...

We're into craft, artisan, made by hand, unique, fresh, outside the box, black sheep. We're into real.  We're into quality - BIG TIME. We're into improving, in all ways.  But getting better doesn't always mean bigger.  It might, but it doesn't have to.  We want SHIFT to be a vendors market.

it's all fun and games


We believe that being hyper organized let's us all have fun.  We don't want you to be stressed,  We don't want to be stressed either.  You're giving up your weekend to be with us, so we want you to have the BEST experience ever.  And because there are two of us, you can always get a hold of one of someone. It's our job to make your experience awesome. Becuase we know when the vendors are happy, the shoppers and happy. And when shoppers are happy, they spend money and go home with beautiful, handmade, goodies!  And that's awesome for everyone!

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